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Greetings from the Studio!


We are in the studio as I type this, recording an EP which will be out this fall . The songs are really good, and I can't wait for you all to hear them.

We are also working on a store so we can have new T Shirts and do some remakes of the old originals. I have a killer pair of sweat pants from '82 that Im going to try and reproduce, and you all know that I know how to reproduce.(See: mother of 6)
The days are blue and beautiful in New York - I feel like sharpening my pencils, buying a notebook and going back to school, haha!

We are going to be on Extra in this fall too - they are coming up to the farm, and filming us playing in a loft downtown. You know Green Acres verses the city life.

I can't wait to start playing these songs live!


- Patty



EP - 2009-05-21
Hi, really looking forward to the EP. what will it be named?
by Andrew Siegel

Great - 2009-05-21
I think it's great that you are back in the studio with Scandal which is one of my many favorite bands of all time.
by Jacob

Big Fan - 2009-05-21
Hi Patty, When are you coming to Florida again? We saw you when you came to Ruth Eckerd Hall and really enjoyed your show.
by Bill Haberlin

Welcome back Patty - 2009-05-21
It's so good to have you back out there. Todays music has changed alot Patty, and I'm hoping you don't change your music too much. I can't wait to hear your new stuff and I'll support you in every way possible. Till Then Girlfriend.
by Lorri Cropley- From NJ

I remember - 2009-05-21
I remember a time that music meant something. unlike some of the songs today. your voice rang through the speakers and i turned the volume up and sang along. though i could not sing. today i sit and watch vh1 classic to avoid the sounds of the day. when i see your videos they mean more to me. so much for nostalgia. keep up the good work, i will look for your new cd. i hope that your hopes and dreams will always come true.
by jeff

local tours - 2009-05-21
will there be any shows in the NYC or New Jersey areas ?
by Al

- 2009-05-21
Just saw you do Whole Lotta Love on YouTube. You should think about doing a Led Zeppelin cover album like the Encomium cd that was released 1995. It would ROCK and sell a million ! You are still HOT! LP
by Larry

The Best! - 2009-05-21
I love all your songs and your energetic performances! Can't wait for your new EP! You are the Best female singer I've heard and still a beautiful woman, keep up the great work!!! God bless you and your family!!
by Jimmy T

Old Fan - 2009-05-21
Hi Patty, I was just watching old Scandal videos on you tube. Oh, memories. My sister and I LOVED YOU in the 80's. Where did those days go girl? No disrespect to John...but your band back then was HOT! You seemed so strong yet so innocent, how did you keep it professional? You were a stronger woman than I would have been. When is your next visit to Seattle? We miss you up here. Take care. Diana
by Diana Bell

I love your songs... - 2009-05-21
I totally love, and miss all of the old songs from the 80's. I Hope, and Pray that your songs are like the ones you sung when I was a young kid. P.K.
by Parduman K.

Hello - 2009-05-21
You are still Beautiful and Great glad you back in the studio making record. Hope to see you sometime.
by Mickey Rose

Awesome! - 2009-05-21
I saw Patty & Scandal last night in Annapolis. They rocked the house! They also stayed around to meet the fans... and they're all really nice, super people. Truly "friggin'" amazing! For the tour next year, can I request a song? Please play everything! Okay, really, how about Less Than Half and Maybe We Went Too Far? I'm all ready to rock on with the new album and tour--I can't wait! Cheers!
by GoGo

come to RI - 2009-05-21
hey Patty....come to Rhode Island....theres a great club in Newport called Newport Blues Cafe...John Waite was here recently...Your R.I. fans miss you ...met you @ Mohegan Sun this past summer...gave you the photo album of pictures from your recent shows...look forward to your next area show
by Joe Nero

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