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Hi from Patty

Hi its Patty.Yes the website is finally here, I don't know why it took so long, I guess putting a band together, raising six kids and getting your hair right for every performance takes a lot more time than you realize. We are so happy to be back and playing gigs that we feel like we are all kids again. All we do is laugh and try to out rock each other. There is a new EP in the works, should be out by the fall.

I’m writing some pretty groovy tunes I must say. Keith Mack still has a giant head (not ego just head) and Benji King is now wailing on guitar as well as keyboards. We have done some dates with The Romantics, Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield and Loverboy to name a few. They all sound really good. It was great to see and meet them all. We have a lot of ideas for this site, we want to invite you into our world on and off the road, and we may even have a coffee talk moment or two. We are all based out of New York except Keith who lives in Delaware. The new drummer and bass player Eran Assias and Tom Welsch is such a tight unit and play so friggin' good that we all feel this is the best band we've ever had.

Thank you so much for all the support you have given me and the band over all this time, we have missed you and are so glad to be back in the saddle again. Be sure to look for our new music and to come out to see us play. You never know what can happen at one of our shows. Someone always takes off their shirt, or some article of clothing. And my husband Johnny Mac has been known to play an encore with us, when he's not busy yelling at people backstage (lol). We are looking forward to a new chapter for us as a nation, as a planet and as a band. I will be watching you and checking in as much as possible, welcome to my crazy, mixed up world.

Stay in touch, we will too,
Patty Smyth Back


Hi Patty! - 2009-05-21
The site looks great. My wife and I have seen you twice in Denver over the last 2 years, and are looking forward to your next Denver stop. We've both been fans since the early 80's. I'm also on your MySpace friends list. My URL is Welcome back! You ROCK!!!
by Craig Gregersen

note from Trilby - 2009-05-21
Hi Dr. Patty! Greetings from The West Village. I am so excited about the new website, the new EP (another record breaker perhaps?), and of course, your return to NYC. Will see you at Penn's Peak in November, and possibly before if you decide on any pick-up gigs here in Manhattan. :) Hope you're enjoying the scrubs! All the best to you and the band! So happy you are back in the saddle! Trilby
by Trilby

love the site - 2009-05-21
The site looks cool- I've been to many many concerts in my life but had the most fun at both Patty Smyth & Scandal shows- at BB Kings in NYC last December and in Long Island this summer- Patty, you're the best!
by Andrew Siegel

You’re the greatest! - 2009-05-21
Patty, You’re the best; it’s good to have you back. I waited twenty years to see you perform in concert and this summer saw you in Vegas, it was the best show ever! I’m looking forward to the new CD; hope to see you perform in Los Angeles soon. Paul
by Paul

Awesome - 2009-05-21
It's really great to see an awesome band back together again! Can't wait until y'all come down to Richmond, Va. area, sometime soon? You can bring all the other bands you mentioned playing with as well. All really great bands! Congratulations.
by William

Hi Patty - 2009-05-21
Just wanted to say HI from Northern Iraq (Balad)...every think of starting a tour called: I Rock in Iraq! ? :) Stupid shit like that pops into my head...and I still gotta live with myself. :) It's hell! Take care! You rock!
by Major Jim Casey, USAF

Welcome Back! - 2009-05-21
Patty, its great to see you and the gang "back in the saddle". Have a blast and live in the moment. All the best!
by Kew

Hey Patty - 2009-05-21
Loved ya since the 80's and glad to see you're back out there doing it again. You still look great too by the way!
by JP

Keep Rockin' Patty - 2009-05-21
Great to see you back in full force. Hope to see a new CD from "Scandal" You need T-Shirts. I saw you in Atlantic City a few years ago and hope to see you again, soon. Maybe Annapolis. The Ram's Head is a cool place. I always remember the "Frank's Soda" TV commercial...!
by Sam

Keep rockin Patty! - 2009-05-21
Keep on rockin' Patty, I can't wait to see you again this fall... Will keep playing drums to your music for all my neighbors to enjoy(lol)!
by Tod

- 2009-05-21
Great to hear this news. I will look forward to the new song coming out. BTW - that was me that yelled Happy Birthday to ya when i saw you on stage in NH ..haha. Hope you're doing well!!
by Dennis

Come on down south - 2009-05-21
How about a tour of the south eastern United States? You have many more fans here than you could imagine. I've always loved you and your music. Nothing would make me happier than to rock out to a Patty Smyth / Scandal show again. I still have every one of your old vinyl albums from back in the 1980s. You rock sweetie. Your fans in Florida would love to see you. Peace
by Joey Guest

Great - 2009-05-21
It is so great to see you guys back on tour I hope that yall get a chance to come to Texas it would be cool to see you live.
by Jacob Sullivan

9-12-08 - 2009-05-21
Hello Patty, We just saw you tonight at DTE outside Detroit, What a great show. You made a fan out of me and my wife; we went up for my wife’s 50th birthday and what a nice treat when you happen to come up to us in the 6th row and sing. You know after the 1st few songs I realized this woman has allot more substance than I ever new, you have convinced me to try out your new CD, and thanks for the wonderful memory. Thanks again, Jon and Cathy
by Jon Acord

LONG TIME ON HEAR - 2009-05-21

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